Hello friends, welcome to our blog ThemesRvws, if you want to create a blog of your own but do not have the money to purchase domain name and hosting, you are waiting for this when you have money and then you Be able to create your own website, but friends, there is no need to worry, yes you can create your own blog for free.

In this post today, we will tell you how you can build your website on blogger.com, you will not need to spend a single rupee in it, neither do you need to buy a domain name nor do you have hosting. You can start your blogging with and earn money online.

If you are a beginner and you have never posted an article on the website before, then you do not need to worry if you want to do blogging, after practicing for a few months you will start writing a quality content by yourself which It is very important in blogging.

Keep These Things in Mind Before Creating a Blog:

  • First of all, before making a blog or website, you have to make sure which topic you want to make your blog, For Example - Blogging and SEO, Technology, Tips and Tricks, Education, About blog templates, Health, Fitness and yoga etc.
  • After ensuring the topic of your blog, now you have to think the name of the blog or title, write seo friendly description and do some keyword research which is related to your blog, which people like to search more.
  • Think in the language of your blog, in which language you want to publish the post, but keep in mind that you can write posts on the blog in the same languages ​​that Google supports.

So these are some important things that you should keep in mind before creating a website, now let's learn how to create a website, in this post we have told How to Create a Free Blog On Blogger 2021, which will help you in creating a blog.

How To Create a Free Blog On Blogger 2021 | Blogging Tips For Beginners

How To Create a Free Blog On Blogger 2021 | Blogging Tips For Beginners
How To Create a Free Blog On Blogger 2021 | Blogging Tips For Beginners

Creating a free blog is very easy, for this you have to follow the steps given below.👇

  • First of all open your browser and search on Google www.blogger.com,
  • Sign in by visiting its official website,
  • Blogger dashboard will open, here you will see a down arrow 🔻 in the left side, click on it, now click on New Blog.
  • Now enter the name of your blog (whatever name you write will be the title of the blog).
  • Click on Next
  • Type the address of your blog (this will be the URL of your blog)
  • Now click on Save.

Just following these few steps, your blog will be automatically created.

Choose a Theme for Your Blog

  • Click on the left side Theme section in the Blogger Dashboard,
  • Now you can select the favorite theme for your blog, after choosing the theme, click on the theme image,
  • Click on APPLY.

In this way you can install the theme / template for your blog, in Blogger you will get to see basic themes. If you want to install another theme other than these, then you have to download the blogger theme from the internet.

How To Download Free Professional Blogger Templates

If you wish, you can also download free blogger templates from our website, apart from this there are more template sites on the internet from which the theme can be downloaded, below are the links to the popular template site.👇

How To Choose a Best Blog Theme

Keeping in mind some important things, you can choose a best blog template. When you want to give a blog a professional look, then the question will definitely come in your mind that how to choose a Best Blog Theme, so if you have a good template If you want to use the blog, then you should take special care of these things 👇
  • Always choose a Template with a simple look,
  • The template should load quickly,
  • Must be attractive to see Blog Theme,
  • Keep in mind your blog theme should also be mobile friendly,
  • Choose SEO friendly website theme,
  • Download a theme for the blog that is fully customizable.

How To Install (Upload) New Theme in Blogger

To upload or install in blogger by downloading the theme, follow the simple steps given below.
  • In Blogger, click on the Theme section on the left side,
  • Click on the Down arrow🔻 in front of the CUSTOMISE option,
  • Now do Backup your theme,
  • After that click on Restore and click Upload,
  • Select your template file from the computer and click Open (the downloaded template will be in the form of XML file).
  • Now the template will be installed.

Second method:

  • Delete all code by going to Edit HTML,
  • Unzip your template file (XML file) and open it in Notepad,
  • Now copy all the coding, then go back to the edit html and paste all the code,
  • Click on Save Changes.

In this way, you can create a website for yourself, now you have to customize your blog well after that you can start publishing posts, add all the posts to your label.

What did you learn today?

With the help of this article I have told you that How To Create a Free Blog On Blogger 2021 (Blogging Tips For Beginners) I hope this post has proved to be helpful for you, if you have learned something from our website today then give it to your friends Also share with, if you have any question related to this post, then definitely comment by commenting.


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